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    Backup AFT Connection Profile (or any CM profile)

    Mark Francome
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      We recently hit a problem where the Control-M Agent that I have AFT installed on had it's registry corrupted. This has now been fixed but the short-term impact was that I could not view the Control Modules via CCM and therefore could not view/edit the various Connection Profiles.


      As I said this is now fixed - but it got me thinking ... we know how important this box is and it is a robust VM server. But if I lost the AFT Connection Profiles (of which there are about 50) then I'd really be up the creek. Now I'm also starting to add Control-M for Databases profiles too.


      How do most admins save these profiles? Do you just export them to a alternate Agent? I have done this but with so many profiles it is not easy to keep track of where they are and which ones are current.