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    Attachments integration between Service now and Remedy

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      Hello everyone,


      I need an urgent help on the Service Now and Remedy integration part, dealing with attachments.

      We have successfully established two way communication between SN (Service Now) and Remedy with all the required fields flowing properly but when it comes to attachments we have a road block!

      The attachments that are being sent from Remedy are reaching SN properly but then the data in it is being represented as JUNK! Its not at all either a encoded base64 format nor any human readable format. And this is happening when Remedy receives attachments from SN too.

      In SN, they have proper functions defined for encoding their data to base64 when attached and decoding data when received, but then its failing to create a human readable format data in both the systems, when sent from the other application.


      Require your immediate solutions on this please!



      Thanks in advance !

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