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    Server Automation Console - Failed to overwrite directory on RHEL



      I've already searched about overwrite configurations on documentation here, but i didn't find any clue about how to solve my problem.

      Some days ago I executed a batchjob containing more than 100 jobs of binaries and configurations files and I got a weird behavior on these jobs: if the directory set on the depot didn't exist on destination, the job executed successfully, otherwise the job failed on commit phase with errorcode -4001 and no useful log. Then I did some troubleshooting and realized that it was in fact an overwrite issue on these new servers. The same depot and the same job on other servers work properly and it's not any permission problem.

      I'm attaching 2 images and the agent log of one of these jobs to help on analysis.

      image1: My batchjob with many jobs. Each component of my system has a job for binary and 2 or more jobs for configuration. Notice that after a success job, there's 2 failed jobs for the same component (the content is going to the same directory).

      image2: The error on commit phase.


      I'd be really happy if you can give me any help! Thank you so much in advance!