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    NSH Scripting Help

      I need to create a script that will update properties based on what O/S a server is. I know you can use Bulk import against a smart group, but I wanted a script to put in a post build job for new servers so that this gets populated automatically.


      Not the best when it comes to NSH scripting so any help would be grateful.



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          Bill Robinson

          what properties do you need to populate ?  in the provisioning job there is an option to set server properties on the provisioned server - can you use that ?  will each server have distinct property values or the values are only distinct per OS - and at what level - windows vs linux or 2008 vs 2012 ?  how are you building the servers ?  w/ bsa ?  vgp or bare-metal ?


          how many properties ?  there's also a 'bulkSetServerPropertyValues' command that would work.

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            It will be new properties for End of Live and Server Tier for each OS, so it will be Windows and Linux all versions, so all Windows 2003 will have a property as Sept 2014 for example, we already have numerous Server properties set in our provisioning jobs for other stuff, which will not work along side this.


            We are currently updating Servers daily from old OS's to new so would like to run daily/weekly job within BL that will query the server and refresh the property, so we can then report on this via BDSSA

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              Bill Robinson

              it would make sense imo to make a smart group of the 2003 servers, dump the list and then use the server.bulksetserverpropertyvalues w/ that list of servers and whatever you need to set the property value to.