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    How to change JOB_TIMEOUT of Deploy Job Properties in Remediation Artefacts?

    Andreas Koppenhoefer

      Hello All,

      We are creating SolarisPatchingJobs by blcli. This includes setting of Deploy Job Options from a DeployJob as template.

      But there is one automation task left: We want to set a Deploy Job Property in the Remediation Options (e.g. JOB_TIMEOUT).

      Currently we have to change default property values in Console Manager. Please see the screenshot to get a glue what I am talking about.


      How can we set the property value as shown in the screenshot by blcli before(!) running a patch analysis?

      I know how to change the default value for e.g. JOB_TIMEOUT. But this would change the default value for all DeployJobs which is not intended

      We want to use a non default value for remediation artefacts created from a patch analysis.