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    TMART 4.2sp2 SilkTest 15 xlgs Truelog Files

      Hi all,


      I am seeing a Silktest Monitor running from a workbench project producing a .XLG and a .XLGS Truelog file

      or just a .XLGS Truelog file.

      When opening the .XLG file the error shown says something like 'cannot merge the Truelog Files'.


      The same monitor also produces usable .XLG files on error, as expected.


      And there is no file association for .XLGS files.


      It looks like there is plenty of good material in side of the .XLGS file but it may have to be combined with the .XLG from the same run in order to use it.


      Any Ideas or has anyone seen this?


      Thank You, Todd Fendt