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    Scriptutil Permission Denied - Unable to create remote script

    Cody Dean

      We seem to be having issues with some of our compliance jobs we created that use Scriptutil to call a .bat file.  It works sometimes - sometimes it gets "Unable to create remote script".  It's able to create the file - but it's a 0 byte file in the folder, but can't write to the file.  When we browse to the file in BladeLogic, it gives permissions denied when you try to write into the file and save as well.





      Warning11/04/2015 02:36:28com.bladelogic.om.infra.mfw.util.BlException: Unable to create remote script //SERVER//c/Temp/_SERVER-14904-0-EO_Admin_Account_Expired.bat: Permission denied


      Unable to copy script "//BSAAPPSERVER/d/BMC Software/BladeLogic/NSH/share/sensors/EO_Admin_Account_Expired.bat" to host SERVER: Permission denied