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    Windows Patching offline catalog ?

    Luciano Spagnuolo

      So I have searched the communities but didn't find my answer, so I hope someone else has done this already.

      I need a windows offline catalog with just needed (specific patches to deploy).  The normal process is to use the downloader tool and point the catalog to this location.  That is all well and good but the tool downloads all patches for the products listed.  What is really needed is to hand-pick the individual patches from the overall download folder, copy them into the repo location and perform a catalog update.  Then use a Patch catalog smart group to filtering on patches in the repo (software_payload_exists_at_URL_flags*) and use this smart group for analysis & remediation.


      reason being ensure only picked patches get deployed and save disk space.

      problem I am having is when I update the catalog it runs through all the patches (which I expect) but my final count of patches in the patch catalog smart group is more than expected (copied 40 patches, smart group shows 170).  This causes failure when analysis & remediation runs. patches missing.


      Is there a better method to doing this or am I missing something along the way?