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    Error when trying to run patch downloader

    Shirish Pednekar



      I am trying to download RHES6 patches on a windows machine and I keep getting this error.


      I have done numerous permutation and combinations but still shows up.


      D:\All-OS-Patch-Downloaders-windows-82-SP3\All-OS-Patch-Downloaders-windows-build-8.2.03-1>windows_downloader.bat -configFile sample-redhat-downloader-config12Aug2015_8.5.xml

      Error reading configuration file. --- Cause:Parsing of configuration file [D:\All-OS-Patch-Downloaders-windows-82-SP3\All-OS-Patch-Downloaders-windows-build-8.2.03-1\sample-redhat-downloader-config12Aug2015_8.5.xml] has failed, Please make sure that

      the xml is well formed and doesn't contain special characters. (Caused By: null (Caused By: cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'redhat-downloader-config'.))

      Downloader finished with return status - 1


      My xml file attached.


      Please advise.