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    Local Extended Object parameters in Component Templates

    richard mcleod

      I have a quick question about using a local extended object with a local property as a parameter inside of a component template

      I created a local string property inside the template called "GETENT_GROUP"


      I created a local extended object called "getent_group",



      Command=getent group "??GETENT_GROUP??"||echo missing


      The compliance rule I have setup is


      ??GETENT_GROUP?? := "somegroupname" AND

      "Extended Object Entry:getent_group//**".Name starts with "??GETENT_GROUP??"


      When I run the compliance, I see the job passing in a blank value


      80b3ce4cb2827a2274f9 0000006197 11/03/15 14:49:12.776 INFO1 rscd - ::ffff: 163040 0/0 (BLAdmins:me@g.com): CM: > [Compliance] Extended object executing 'getent group ""||echo missing'


      The compliance rule output just shows the left hand side as missing


      Any idea what's going on here? Should this work? Am I doing something wrong?


      Do local extended objects need values persisted rather than assigned?