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    Mapping Management controller IP

    john rickert

      We are interested in syncing ManagementController IP information into the CMDB and I came across this in the documentation for BMC_HardwareSystemComponent   "There is no way to map the ManagementControleer's IP information to the CDM"


      is there any reason for this.. and is there truly no work around?

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          Andrew Waters

          The reason for this is that there is no relationship in the CDM between BMC_HardwareSystemComponent and BMC_IPEndpoint.

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            Patrick O'Callaghan

            Would it be possible to override the CMDB sync to change Managemant Controller Class to BMC_ComputerSystem?  After that, you could create the relationship to IP endpoint?


            There is already an enumeration for PrimaryCapability in Host->ComputerSystem TPL for Management Controller

            enumeration CDM_Capability_Type 1.0.


            12    '''Enumeration for populating BMC_ComputerSystem.PrimaryCapability attribute.

            13   '''

            55   Management_Controller,  // 41 - Management Controller

            69 end enumeration;


            My Customer would like to be able to discover and ticket against ILO's.  The way that they would like to do this is by using the DNS name of the ILO.  ADDM is Discovering this DNS name but it is not being brought over into Remedy CMDB.  We already have a process in place where a Ticket can be generated against a DNS alias.

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              Duncan Grisby

              Yes, you could override the Management Controller mapping to create BMC_ComputerSystem instead, and then it would be possible to sync the IP address details too. We don't do that in the base mappings, because for most purposes you wouldn't want to count the management controllers as separately managed computers.

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                manu mshm

                Hello All,

                Is anyone syncing the ilo into ComputerSystem class. Our requirement is to sync the ip along with ilo and hence we plan to sync them into ComputerSystem class.Just want to know how others are handling this? Any drawback while we do this? if someone could share the pattern it would be great help.


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                  manu mshm

                  can anyone provide some input please..