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    Maintenance level PUT1501B Query.

    Mohammad Rababah

      After completing the installation and implementation of the new Mainview products and maintenance level PUT1402B on test LPAR, I’ve realized that the Mainview for z/OS install is “MainView for z/OS (3.1.00)” not the indicated one in member $100DOC witch’s Mainview z/OS 3.2. because of that I think the Mainview for z/OS products not installed correctly. I’ve encountered the an errors when I tried option 1 as you see below. All other products indicated by the mentioned member installed and verified correctly.




      ---------------------------- z/OS and USS Solutions ------------ NOT INSTALLED

      OPTION ===> 1 DATE  -- 2015/11/01

      TIME  -- 12:26:53 

        Performance USERID -- DSYSOSA 

            1 MVzOS        MAINVIEW for z/OS MODE  -- ISPF 6.3 

            2 MVUSS        MAINVIEW for Unix System Services

            3 CMF          CMF MONITOR

              4 SYSPROG      MAINVIEW SYSPROG Services     

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          Feli Brachthaeuser

          Hello Mohammad,


          Do you still Need an answer to your question?

          Any Mainview product supports the command ABOUT which displays the actual Version and putlevel.

          Such a missmatch can also be based on target definitions, so check TGTDEF.

          At some points, People may also have chnaged the ISPF Panels deliberately.

          Which I would guess in your case...




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