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    How to disable TLSv1 and enable TLSv1.2?



      We are using BSA 8.6 on Windows, and want to disable TLS1.0 and enable TLS1.2 for all communications.

      I understand BSA 8.6 is shipped with JRE 1.7 which by default uses TLS1.0 for https communication. And it can be configured to use TLS 1.2 by adding "-D https.protocol=TLSv1.2" option to java when starting up. I am thinking of a couple of options to accomplish this:

      1. create a bat file to call java with this option together with other options like CLASSPATH, but by doing this I loose the capability to start/stop the BSA server via the Windows services.

      2. replace JRE 1.7 with JRE 1.8 which by default uses TLSv1.2, but I am not sure if this will cause any compatibility issue.

      Is there a better way to do this ? Thank you in advance.