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    Combining BLPackage Contents

      Hello all,


      I need to combine the contents of several BLPackages into one master BLPackage.  I want to use BLCLI to automatically pull everything together, but I didn't find any easy/painless ways of doing that.


      What I am thinking of doing is exporting them all, manipulating the objects/xml and combining them into one importable object, and then import my new chimeric beast. I don't really want to do it this way, as getting everything into the bldeploy.xml is going to be a headache alone, not to mention all the other files associated with the packages.


      Has anyone figured out a better way to do this?


      (Before you point out the obvious...yes I know this would be trivial if I just used batch jobs and batched up my blpackage deploy jobs but we specifically need to use BLPackages because of Reasons.)


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