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    Powershell command failing in Extended Object

    Shankar Masekar

      Hi Experts,


      We are trying to get various Windows performance counters in BSA through Extended Object using powershell comannds to be use in Compliance & we noticed that, few powershell commands are working within NSH,however the same commands does not work in Extended object..see below for more details..


      <<  Powershell -Command "Get-Counter '\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time'"  >>


      Below screen shows windows CPU counter powershell command is working within NSH ..

      poweshel nsh.jpg

      However the same command failed in one of the test Global Extended Object that we created for windows..

      poweshel BSA EO.jpg

      We tried modifying the command with removing doable quotes/adding escape characters ..but none of them helped.

      Are we missing something ...?


      Any help would be apprrciated.