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    "ORA-12519, TNS:no appropriate service handler found" during DB migration

    R V

      Hi all,


      this is just to share some findings:


      I decided to upgrade my test-environment from BL 8.5 SP1 Patch4 to 8.6 SP1. The installation is running on CentOS-Linux with an Oracle XE database in version (yes, I know, it's old ).


      I did not use the Unified Product Installer and instead wanted to manually upgrade the environment.


      So the first step was to run the DB Configuration Utility (which only could be reached through unzip the complete UPI - I unzipped the archive to /tmp).


      After a while I got the above error:


      12519, TNS:no appropriate service handler found


      Of course I tried each and everything I know to check the listener, restarted it, restarted the complete vm - the error message remained.


      After a while I found, that this error is produced by a number of scenarios - and mine was the default(?) value for the Oracle XE "processes" parameter. This was set to 40.


      In sqlplus I entered


      SQL> alter system set processes=100 scope=spfile;


      And then restarted the complete Oracle process (/etc/init.d/oracle-xe restart).


      And finally the error message disappeared