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    Remedy SSO

    Conrad Pereira
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      Recently Remedy SSO 9.0.01 has released after the last release of Atrium SSO 9.0.00. I would like to know the difference in features and functionality between the two versions.


      Further, is Kerberos supported on Remedy SSO 9.0.01 version? If no, can we use Atrium SSO 9.0.00 on ARS 9.0.01 for the purpose of Kerberos support. Please let me know your comments.




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          Remedy 9.0.01 does not support Kerberos directly, but indirectly via SAML. RSSO can integrate with ADFS via SAML. If you have ADFS running in your environment then this  would be best option.

          If not you can use ASSO to use Kerberos authentication.

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            Hi Murali,


            If SSO or ADFS is not working then it is possible to have BMC Remedy login page to access with domain account credentials?

            Do you have internet users that use Remedy via web and ask for domain account credentials ? How can we set up SSO and Remedy to do that?



            Nelson Pita

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              Starting RSSO 9.1 it supports LDAP authentication which you can use with your AD to accept domain user credentials.

              Also AR by itself has native LDAP authentication support but my guess it that you can use only RSSO or LDAP authentication since both them use the same AREA plugin concept (AR External Authentication) - not sure both can work together.


              Regards, Aleksey

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                Direct Kerberos support is introduced in 9.1 SP1 coming soon.

                You might try it taking part in BMC Remedy SSO 9.1.01 Beta Program.


                Regards, Aleksey

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