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    Class Icons not getting displayed in Atrium Explorer

    Parag Ghanekar
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      Hi All,

      I have changed icons for some of the custom Classes, but they are not being displayed in Explorer, and it still displays the old icons which have been deleted two days ago. I have checked all the old threads and didn't find a solution. I have tried the following things


      1- Clear Browser Cache

      2 - Flush Mid tier cache

      3 - Delete plugin Cache file

      4 - Restart Mid Tier

      5 - Restart ARSystem

      6- Tried Multiple Browsers

      7 - Deleted and recreated all records

      8 - Imported them onto a different environment.


      Can anyone think of anything else i can try. BMC Documents only suggest restarting MidTier or waiting 10 mins.


      Thanks and Regards

      Parag Ghanekar