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    BLDeploy error

    Jim Campbell

      Application server = 8.6SP1

      Target agent = 8.3SP1 ( ), Windows Server 2008R2.


      All bldeploy jobs against a couple of targets are failing during simulate with an error like the message below.  No transaction log is generated.


      10/22/15 02:00:35.004 WARN     rscd -  APPSERVER_IP_HERE 11484 BladeLogicRSCD@TARGET_NAME_HERE->LOCAL_ADMIN_NAME_HERE@TARGET_NAME_HERE:PrivilegeMapped (ROLE_NAME_HERE:USER_NAME_HERE): CM: Windows nexec: CreateProcessAsUserW() failed: error_code=0x000002 error_string=The system cannot find the file specified.   wcmd="bltargetjobmanager" -start -cmd "bldeploy 95c5f9c10255351a9ae4222805e03951 -N=/temp/stage/d5506b1b6b8e361f921f6a9a6a182989 -P=TARGET_NAME_HERE -Q=params.txt -PKG=PACKAGE_NAME_HERE -DryRun -Xr -V1 -js0 -jr0 -jc0 " -me 95c5f9c10255351a9ae4222805e03951 -mp -sp -ps -h60


      Is there a limitation to the size of the PATH variable that could cause this?  The targets in question have an absurdly long Windows Path variable - they are production servers so I don't have any way to test making changes.