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    Accessing log files in the RoD environment

    Kevin Barker
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      Accessing log files in the RoD environment is a 'far from frictionless' process.


      For example, if a reconciliation job fails it is necessary to open an operations service request to have the log file that contains the reconciliation failures sent to the client for analysis.


      It would be most advantageous to be able to retrieve such log files via an external process (putty, ftp, etc.) so that less process and human intervention is required.

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          James Dicker

          Hi Kevin,


          There is already a FTP service available with RoD which is very reliable.   You can get BMC Support to setup both "From" and "To" options, and request specific directories and logs to be included in the "From" section enabling you to download logs as required.


          We use this a lot for AI/Recon jobs.  I would suggest speaking with your BRM/Support on details of the FTP.





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