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    rule to search a group to get a list of users BL Compliance

      I am trying to gather a list of any user or users that may or may not be members of the backup operators group. This would be fore DISA rule V-1168: members of the backup operators group should be documented.


      I have posted this (my first post) in a group which recommended I post this in the Server Automation group.


      I have searched online however not really finding what I need. New to BL.


      for a diff rule I created a new "Property" in the DISA property dictionary that worked out nicely. It comprised of a "complex string" so that I could add in multiple local users that were allowed on the system.


      when I run this rule any users that are not in the string come up as a failure which is what security is looking for.


      I am currently looking for something in BL that I can use as a pointer for the backup operators group so that I can write a rule something like:


      IF backup operators group IS NOT empty or null or something list who is in the group.


      Any help is appreciated.