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    Ideas on how to handle Alerts?

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      One of our teams would like to use Remedyforce to manage Alerts. So that (automated) monitoring would initiate (email?) about events seeming to be out of standard operation. Then teams would check the alert and if necessary open an Incident or Service request.


      My question: Have You facilitated processes like this with Remedyforce? Which object are you creating as "Alerts" - Incident or Tasks? (and why)

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          kedar zavar

          Hello Mikko,


          Ideally seen companies using "Incident object" as you have OTB email listener which can create Incidents based on emails sent to Remedyforce address with specific subject line or body and assign to queue.



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            This goes along my first thinking.. It would be easy to "promote" into an incident (changing template or a bunch of fields) and in case of flood of Alerts could use Problem object to mass modify.


            But on other hand these are pretty "Simple" incidents. So could manage with less fields. And if we start to take in big volumes - maybe by accident (and even with smaller volumes) need to make sure we are not messing our existing logic around SLAs, messaging, reports & dashboards (both SFDC and RF), console view filters and so on. So quite much configuration work just to make sure old functions do not get harmed. Using tasks would not mean this big of a work for old stuff (at least for us).


            Of course there could be a totally separate "Alert" object, but that would be then something totally different...

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              kedar zavar

              We have number of customers using this with Incidents. You can simply add exceptions for any of the processes. Just a simple flag to identify this issue. Advantage all OTB.


              If you go via task - you will have to create custom email service.


              unfortunately you can NOT add "custom object" in Remedyforce as per license agreement unless you are covered (if you are using other applications or service/sales cloud and it covers it). See license agreement for more details or contact you CS to validate in case.



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                Yep, definitely won't start to develop something this size (new object and processes around that) as custom, but maybe in some future release of Remedyforce...


                Email also is not the only way to integrate to Salesforce platform - that would be just one with lowest initiation cost.

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                  kedar zavar

                  Please do submit an idea. I do like the idea of separate module