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    RSCD Agent v8.5.01.304 causing memory leak on server with hundreds of IP addresses

    Yanick Girouard

      We have a few load testing Windows servers that are meant to do heavy network traffic testing and therefore have a hundred (sometimes more) IP addresses to match all the different VLANs and subnets they could need to test.


      On those servers, the second the RSCD.exe listener starts, it starts consuming memory and never stops. It seems like a memory leak. It reached 31Gb of memory on a server that has 32Gb available and crashed it.


      When I was informed of this I immediately suggested adding an entry in the secure file of the agent to force it to bind only to a single IP address, and it seemed to have worked so far. Like so:




      I was wondering if this was a known issue or a defect ? I know the agent does some internal housekeeping every few seconds, and wonder if there could be a memory leak bug in that area when it's listening on too many IP addresses.