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    BBSA 8.2 compatiblity with Unix servers for CIS Compliance

    Elizabeth T

      Hi Team,



      We have used ‘Content82-SP4-WIN.exe’ installer to install the Compliance contents in our environment and we don’t see CIS Compliance Component template in the BBSA console.


      We read through the documents and understood that CIS compliance content is supported only for Windows 2003, 2008 platforms. We have AIX 6.1, 7.1 and RHEL 6.x servers in our environment along with the Windows 2008 servers. Kindly confirm if BBSA versions supports CIS compliance for the above mentioned OS platforms. What is the latest and stable version of BBSA that supports the CIS compliance on those OS platform?


      Also, can you please let us know if the BBSA 8.2 supports our own custom SCAP XCCDF files with respect to Compliance?





      Please suggest