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    blcli to create-modify job execution rules?

    Olivier Renault

      Hi all,

      is there a blcli to create or modify job execution rules?

      I don't find it.

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          Ashish Vijay

          Can you tell a little bit more what is your expectation

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            Olivier Renault

            in the console:

            1 Select Configuration => Infrastructure Management.

            2 In the left pane of the Infrastructure Management window, right-click the Job Execution Rules node and select New Rule. The New Rule wizard opens.

            3 In the Rules Management panel, click Add Rule .

            4 On the General panel, for Name, enter a name for the job execution rule. For

            Description, you can optionally provide descriptive text for the rule. Then click

            Next. The Rule Definition panel opens.

            Option Description

            5 To create a property condition for the rule, do the following:

            A Click Add Property Condition . The Add Property Condition window opens.

            B In the first text box on the left, enter a property name or click Select Property

            to choose a property from a list.

            If you click the Select Property icon, you can view hierarchical properties by

            clicking the right arrow that appears next to some properties. This displays a

            subordinate list of properties.

            C In the next drop-down box to the right, select a comparison-operator, such as

            contains, equals, does not equal, or starts with.

            D Use the next field to the right to specify a property value or range of values.

            E Click OK. The Rule Definition panel shows the condition. To edit the condition,

            select it and click Edit Selected Condition . To add further conditions, click Add

            Property Condition again.

            A typical job execution rule condition might be:

            (??JOB.NAME?? starts with “QA”) OR (??JOB.NAME?? starts with “DEV”)

            The order of the conditions determines the order in which the system uses them

            to determine Application Servers for the job execution. To re-position a

            condition, select the condition and use the Move Up , Move Down , Move to

            Top , and Move to Bottom icons.

            6 On the Rule Definition panel, click Next to display the Targets panel.

            7 Under Select targets for this rule, select one or more Application Servers to use for

            job execution. Click the right arrow, which moves your selections to the list on the


            8 Click Finish to close the New Rule wizard.


            I simply want to do that in command line.

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              Bill Robinson


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                ERIC PODVIN

                Hello All,

                In the same way, is there a way to remove an application server from a specific rule defined in job executions rules, reboot the application server and re-add it to the original rule.


                Thanks you for your help



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                  Bill Robinson

                  if you have other job servers in the rule, and you use the 'gentle shutdown' (AppServerShutdown.shutdownByServer) i don't see why you would need to remove the appserver from the rule.


                  there's RoutingPolicy.addTargetToJobRoutingRule. 

                  if you look in the unreleased commands docs for RoutingPolicy there are some set and clear commands that might work.  i don't see a way to remove just one entry.  i think you'd need to do something like:

                  load the rule

                  list all the targets

                  remove all the targets

                  add back the targets less the one you want to remove

                  update/save the rule

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                    ERIC PODVIN

                    Thanks you Bill


                    If i stop the appserver through infrastructure management with "Stop when all running jobs finish" option, its works perfectly and i can see in the appserver.log the commands :

                    Pausing job services.

                    Waiting for jobs to finish...


                    I if use "AppServerShutdown shutdownByServer <SERVER_NAME> 0" command in a nshscriptjob (bladmin:bladmins rights) , it doesn't work and no message appears in appserver.log

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                      Bill Robinson

                      If you say 0 does it shutdown right away ?  or not shutdown at all.  and you gave the name of the appserver instance you want to shutdown ?