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    Can we monitor MAC OS using BMC portal 2.10

    Chandrakala Mohan
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      Please can anybody confirm whether we can monitor MAC OS using BMC portal 2.10.


      I checked doc & release notes, no where its mentioned about MAC OS.


      And it release notes it states some 20 OS supported by Portal 2.10 (Windows & Solaris).


      As per my understanding, only the OS which are supported by portal 2.10 can be monitored. So MAC OS cannot be monitored by Portal 2.10.


      Please confirm.


      Warm Regards,

      Chandrakala Mohan

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          Betty Neumann

          Hi Chandrakala,


          Thank you for your question about BMC Portal and monitoring the MAC OS. Unfortunately, we do not have a performance manager setup to monitor the MAC OS. We do monitor 20 different versions of Windows/UNIX/Linux but we do not monitor MAC OS.


          If you have a method for getting MAC parameters via SNMP you could always create a custom performance manager which could be designed to monitor the MAC OS. The data sources the portal can use to pull data from are Perfmon, WMI, SNMP, or Shell Scripts. So if you can manage the MAC OS via any one of these data sources, a custom performance manager can be created.


          Also you can post here and in our Community to see if anyone else has created a MAC based performance manager.


          Also, feel free to submit a BMC Idea to the Community to request the addition of support for monitoring the MAC OS.


          Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional assistance and I will be glad to help.



          Betty Neumann

          BMC Support