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    Is anyone alrady get strange behavior with Remedy Mid-Tier where sometime it prompts you to download a file or you can not click on a dialog window

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      Since last September 14th, our user community at my work started to report strange behavior from either Chrome, IE and Firefox.

      Randowmly, when clicking on a dialog box from a Remedy incident, Change or any other form, nothing appends. The dialog still stay on the screen. Even by clicking on Cancel, the dialog box does not close. Users has to click on the little «x» on top right corner of the dialog box.


      Also, whey doing attachement of a regular file, user can not have it attache as the dialog box to say OK after you have selected the document does not close. Still need to close the dialog box via the top right corner of the dialog. The document is then not added.


      Other time, users reported to me when they click on the Resolve button for Incident, a dialog box opens to download a file. User usually just cancel the download and re-click on Resolved, then it goes through the regular workflow.


      Most of the time, when users get this issu, they have to log out and relog in and the issu disapear but will show up again in either a few minutes or in hours for other users.


      It's really random.


      All the necessary clean up of Mid-Tier (cache, cachetemp, log) has been done. Stop and restart of tomcat has well.

      Complete flush cash has been done as well. Still same issu with any browsers.


      We are using Remedy 7.6.04 SP2

      1 VM server for AR

      1 VM server for MidTier

      The 2 servers are under Windows Server 2008 R2 64 BIT

      We are using Tomcat 6


      Does anyone arlready face this kind of weird issu?