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    Can't access host "<Server IP>": Login not allowed for user

      Getting "Can't access host "<Server IP>": Login not allowed for user" error, while trying to agentinfo.

      rsc file checked, everything is OK.

      BladeLogicRSCD user checked, looking fine.


      RSCD Log--


      The following local user will be used by the agent for user privilege mapping: BladeLogicRSCD

      10/08/15 18:17:54.645 ERROR    rscd -  <Target Host>7764 SYSTEM (???): ???: User Impersonation Failed ; Error Location: RSCD_WinUser::logonPassword:LsaLogonUser() ; Error Message: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. ; Auxiliary Error Message: BladeLogicRSCD@<Target Host>

      10/08/15 18:17:54.661 WARN     rscd -  <Application Server IP> 7764 SYSTEM (Bladelogic): agentinfo: Impersonation failed