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    How do I generate a csv or report from BladeLogic?

      I am a basic user of BladeLogic so maybe there is an obvious answer to this.  I have a large number of servers I need to manage across a large number of environments.  They do no have on centralized NAS that I could generate output to.  I am trying to capture data on all of the servers.  Such as server name, uptime, #cpu, #sockets, #threads, #cores, cpu speed, amount of memory, OS, Kernel, software installed, etc...  I have shell script that collects that information now for a handful of servers.  I would like to capture this data on a larger scale.  If I ran this in BladeLogic, call I pull back this data or generated a consolidated output file?  Obviously this would only work for Linux servers and I would need to do something similar for Windows.


      I know that BladeLogic agent captures a lot of this information.  If I drill down to servers, in the BladeLogic GUI, I can see the Live information that is being reported back.  Is there a way to export this information from BladeLogic into a file, preferably from within a smartgroup?


      Any help or guidance in this would be appreciated.