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    BSA 8.6 SP1 health dashboard problems

    Craig Dockter

      I did a clean install of BSA 8.6 SP1 (  Later I ran the CreateDashboardReportJob.nsh and created the Depot and Jobs objects.  The 'Dashboard Report Job' runs without error.  However, when I go to the health dashboard it tells me the data is not yet available and to run the collection job.  When I go to the deployments/default/tomcat/webapps/dashboard/WEB-INF/reports/2015-09-29-11-20-42 directory (latest run) there are a lot of .html and .csv files and a few directories created by the job.


      If I symlink or move the bsaPortal.html to the br/deployments/default/tomcat/webapps/dashboard directory and point my browser to https://server.domain.com:9843/dashboard/bsaPortal.html the portal page is displayed.  Most of the functions work to some extent, the 'Agents' brings up the correct counts, but the license usage info does not.  Some functions , like 'Home' and 'Application Servers' do not work because there is no 'Home.html' or Infrastructure.html' being created by the collection job.


      I'm not sure where to go next with this.  I don't think it's a permissions issue and there are no error messages in the appserver.log for either the collection job or during the browser access.  BDSSA is not installed so I'm only working with the health dashboard for now.


      Thanks in advance.