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    Patching zLinux

    Rob Slattery

      Anyone out in the communities patching zLinux servers (RHEL5/6)?


      We're using BladeLogic version 8.3.3 and when running just an analysis job, the job errors out (almost immediately) with the following:


      Error    9/1/2015 13:38    STDERR: ERROR::YUM dry run failed

      Run at Sep 1, 2015 1:37:52 PM    Error    9/1/2015 13:38    The job 'analysis-4552791-Test Catalog Analysis Job2015-08-20 13-58-01-843-0500' has failed


      I'm not really looking for a solution but just some confirmation that others in the communities are patching zLinux just fine.  I'm thinking I have some sort of configuration error since the job errors out quickly.