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    RHEL 7 Config files are inaccessible in BSA 8.3

    Shankar Masekar



      I’m working on BSA compliance activities for a customer (BSA Version 8.3.03 ) & come across this issue, where few Configuration files (e.g. mtab, grub.conf ) are unable to access it from the server live browse on RHEL 7 targets.


      However the same configuration files can be accessed on RHEL 5 & 6 targets. Due to this issue, I’m unable to use these config files in RHEL 7 Compliance rules & use existing compliance rules created for RHEL 5/6.


      I also tried adding the actual softlink path of mtab file (/proc/self/mounts) from config Object dictionary for Linux, but it failed to access the file with error ‘the file is opened in another editor & concurrent file editing is not supported.’ 


      So just wondering if this is known issue in BSA with RHEL7 & if we have any workaround.


      I found the only difference in the RHEL 5/6 & 7 is that, the mtab file on RHEL 7 is a soft link (symbolic) file, whereas in RHEL 5/6 it isn’t,  however on RHEL 6 the grub.conf file is also a soft link file & its still accessible via server browse under configuration files.


      I also noticed that, irrespective of OS version, soft link files (E.g. grub.comf/) does not open in BSA live browse & it says ‘cannot open ‘xxxxx’ file as its not valid text file.’



      Any help on this would be much appreciated !!