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    Issue while changing login Id through data wizard console.

    Nilesh Sawant
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      Customer concern below


      1. To get all the SQL statements that are executed when login ID job change is run.


      2. Why the NTE:Notifier Log table was being updated, with 20 millions of records. What is the purpose of this table to be updated?


      3. Get the list of other large tables to truncate before running a log in ID change with the ITSM data wizard.



      ARS 7.6.4 SP3

      ITSM 7.6.4 SP2

      SQL Server 2008 database



      Experienced an outage with their Remedy production system. At the time of the outage, the DBA found this query that was causing the blocking on the database.  This query was being executed multiple times at the same time causing Remedy to lock up.



      UPDATE T1015 SET

      C5 = C6 = 1440776399,

      C2 = CASE C2 WHEN ' THEN ' ELSE C2 END,

      C1000000581 = CASE C1000000581 WHEN THEN ELSE C1000000581 END



      WHERE (C2 = OR C5 = OR C1000000581 = ')


      Table T1025 is for the "NTE:Notifier Log" form.



      Since this is a backend form used for notifications, users don't have access to that. So we are trying to identify the workflow (escalations, filters) that is triggering that is issuing the SQL statement. Please let us know what in Remedy is issuing that query



      advise on above 3 questions will be helpful