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    A BLCLI to get job runs does not find any

    Fernando Castro Guti�rrez de Quevedo

      Hi, a colleague and me are trying to get execution logs for the most recent job run for a given list of jobs. We are using bljython and issuing BLCLIs as follows:


      First, "NSHScriptJob - getDBKeyByGroupAndName" which successfully returns the DB Key


      And then, pass the DB Key to "JobRun - findLastRunKeyByJobKey", which always returns the following error message: "com.bladelogic.om.infra.mfw.util.NotFoundException: There are no job runs for the specified job id and version." even though I can see the logs within the console.


      If I launch the BLCLI from a NSH Here console, the error is the same as in Jython