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    blcli command does not work on 8.5 app server with 8.5 agent

    Siddu angadi



      We have 2 app servers  ( X1 and Y1).  X1 is upgraded to 8.5 from 8.1  and Y1 is installed with 8.5 directly no upgrade.


      X1 still having old agent but app server is 8.5


      Both agent and App servers are 8.5 in Y1.


      When I execute below command, it is successful on X1 and getting failed on Y1 with below error:


      DeployJob setOverwriteReadOnlyFiles $JOB_GROUP $JOB_NAME 





      Command execution failed. com.bladelogic.om.infra.cli.factory.CommandNotFoundException: Found command 'DeployJob.setOverwriteReadOnlyFiles' but with mismatching arguments. : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Wrong number of arguments provided to method : setOverwriteReadOnlyFiles expected : 1 received : 2