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    Track-It Email Monitor

    Lance Paulauskas

      When submitting Work Order requests via email, my end users receive a duplicate notification (same text, verbiage) that their Work Order has been created.  Does anyone have any idea why this duplication occurs?

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          Chris McLane

          Is E-mail Monitor policy configured to send an auto-response upon initial processing of the e-mail? If so, you may be seeing that response e-mail in addition to the automatic notification of the new work order creation, which would be coming from the work order's associated Event Policy. If that's happening you could just disable the Send Auto-Response option in the E-mail Policy to see if that clears it up.


          Other than that, if indeed the e-mails are exactly the same and you find that they are both related to the New work order notification template (not the auto-response sent by the E-mail Monitor), I've seen that occur in the past when 2 Track-It! servers were pointed to the same database. Do you have a test Track-It! installation somewhere that may be connected to the same database as you production system?

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            Lance Paulauskas

            Chris--you were spot-on.  I completely overlooked that.  Thanks for the guidance!



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              Chris McLane

              Glad I could help. Thanks.