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    AO Workflow Job integration with Provisioning Job (Deploy Job)

      Hi All,


      I have use case where want to run pre and post job with deploy job (VMWare virtual provisioning)


      In Pre job I wanted to check capacity from vCenter with input selected from Deploy Job. And in post job I wanted to format disk.


      I thought I will use batch job but looks like there is limitations of adding AO workflow job within Batch job.


      I have following approaches and sequence:


      1. Invoke NSH script job first and invoke Workflow job from BLCLI.
      2. Deploy Job
      3. Format Disk Job


      I have questions like:


      How can I ask user to enter parameter once? If user added parameters to child job i.e deploy job should be used by NSH script job for AO workflow parameter? BLCLI within NSH can help???


      Can I make use of AO workflow Job input parameter where pop-up will come for Virtual Cluster, Datastore, Network (options from deploy Job), New Workflow job has same option for Target Servers, file browse etc.? But not sure if same can be extended to deploy job input drop downs/browser?


      We wanted to use this approach to give user friendly options to end users (Instead of using text input, select value from drop down/browse options)


      Any thought or suggestions?