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    Unable to run any blcli commands

    Namdeo Patil



      Not able to run any blcli command against appserver using NSH script or NSH shell windows using blcred cred-acquire,


      Trying to run any blcli command to fetch server property or send email using NSH script job, executing this job against appserver or any server target server in bsa conosle, but every time getting below erros in job run log,


      Other commands in script are successfully executed, only problem with blcli commands.


      Error09/13/2015 23:10:48line number         : 57
      Error09/13/2015 23:10:48path                : /MessageObject/AuthProtocolMsg/SessionCredential/clientType
      Error09/13/2015 23:10:48required-type       : com.bladelogic.sso.session.SessionCredential
      Error09/13/2015 23:10:48class               : com.bladelogic.sso.session.SessionCredential
      Error09/13/2015 23:10:48---- Debugging information ----
      Error09/13/2015 23:10:48com.bladelogic.om.infra.session.client.SessionLoginException: com.bladelogic.sso.protocol.SsoProtocolException: com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.ConversionException: unexpected nodename: clientType




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