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    Attention BladeLogic Community Members at Engage

    Akbar Aziz

      BMC is excited and ready for Engage in Las Vegas!

      There will be resources from BMC available - Product VP's, Product Directors, Product Managers, Engineers and support personnel. Don’t miss your chance to meet with them during the conference. We have appointments available and they can be scheduled here: http://bmc.co/1hj7A5o

      If you are interested in getting one-on-one demos during the event, please schedule it here: http://bmc.co/1LEEjzm

      As we get closer to the event, I wanted to inform our BladeLogic customers (BSA, BNA, BDA, BMA) that we have some great activities planned for the event.


      If you have not signed up for communities, please Register here. Its free and a great resource for our customers to discuss the products and get help when needed.


      There is a new group for our attendees at Engage and is located here: https://communities.bmc.com/groups/dca-engage-2015

      Members can use this group to schedule informal meetings with DCA Product Managers, Developers and Engineers attending the conference.  You can also use this group to schedule time to meet with other community members.

      There will be a scavenger hunt with great prizes like an Apple Watch, Phantom Drone, GoPro Hero+ and other awesome prizes. To participate in this and other activities planned, please make sure you have updated your community profile with the following information:


      First Name:

      Last Name:


      Company Name:


      To edit your information, login to communities and under your picture or name, select Edit Profile. We ask for this information for it will be needed in order to qualify for the prizes. We will also announce the winner on Communities so please make sure your info is correct.

      Rules of the Scavenger Hunt:

      • Take a selfie with Sean Berry and post it to the DCA Engage Community group
      • Count the number of Zipkits published here: https://communities.bmc.com/docs/DOC-31218 and direct message me in communities with the answer
      • Wear the BladeLogic community t-shirt at BMC Jam and take a selfie and post the pic to the DCA Engage Community Group
      • Attend Communities table-talk session on Wednesday or Thursday and get a sticker
      • Find Brian Downey or Mitchell Sherfey and get the secret code and direct message me in communities


      If the participant completes 3 out of the 5 tasks listed – they get to enter the drawing 3 times

      If the participant completes 4 out of the 5 tasks listed – they get to enter the drawing 4 times

      If the participant completes all of the tasks – they get to enter the drawing 5 times

      To pick up the free T-shirts, stop by the Customer Hub and Community booth in the IT Innovation Hall.


      Below are pics of the prizes we will be giving out as well as the t-shirts to our members so don’t wait to register and join the DCA Engage Group.

      Apple Watch.jpegPhantom Drone.pnggopro-hero-plus-lcd.jpg