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    Smart IT - Tomcat redirect from root to /ux/smart-it possible?

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      We've set up a Smart IT 1.2 server and currently, we're able to access it through:



      I'd like to give an easy URL out to the users, such as:


      and I'd like this to redirect to the /ux/smart-it directory.


      However, what I found is that accessing https://smartit-server returns a HTTP 404 error. I looked in the "webapps" folder of Tomcat (version 8, the one that came bundled with Smart IT 1.2), expecting to see a "ROOT" folder in which I could have put a index.jsp with a redirect, but the webapps folder doesn't contain anything (other than an empty ".doNotDelete" file).


      Did anyone try this and come up with a solution?


      I also saw this discussion: Access MyIT via http://localhost/

      Granted, it pertains to MyIT, but could it be that the answer is the same in this case?


      Thank you!