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    Web service call

      Hello Forum,


      I am trying the following restful call to get the list of jobs on my app server but it's not returning any jobs just the blade logic version info(BladeLogic Inc.:Authentication Service:, what i am missing here, do i need to enable anything on App server?


      [root@Blade-server001 ~]# curl -k -i -H "Accept: application/json" -X GET 'https://myappserver.net:9843/group/jobs/?version=8.1.02&username=bladmin&password="blpassword"&role=BLAdmins'

      BladeLogic Inc.:Authentication Service:

      [root@Blade-server001 ~]#


      Btw, is there any document available, which contains all the restful calls for different things like listing servers,executing jobs,listing child groups etc.