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    TMART 4.2sp2 'An error occurred when configuring the monitor'

      Hi all,


      I have never seen this one before. I re-recorded a terminal emulator based monitor that now uses Rumba 8.1. I re-recorded and re-worked the bdf code and have been testing it as usual. Then exported the project. Then replaced the current Monitor in Central. Every time when configuring a new monitor for this project using this essential I get the following message from Monitoring /execution Log right after saving the configuration:


      An error occurred when configuring the monitor projectfile: XML: 24 - The usergroup requested does not exist within the project


      The above error is listed in the Execution Log entry on central right after configuring and saving the new Monitor with in a Project.


      The Front End Server Log shows this message at the same time:


      http-bio-19120-exec-24;Could not read configuration file of Essential - XML-element 'Project/Type' not found in C:\temp\SCC_FrontendServer\SccEssential_1762434929298443477.conf.


      It appears to be something missing from some xml config file but I cannot find anything unusual.


      My next step is to create an entirely new Monitor Project and copy the bdf code to this new project and try again.


      When configuring a Project in Central I set the same settings as other working projects.


      Any ideas on the error?


      Thanks, Todd Fendt