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    How? NSH Script - Job that updates a String-enumerated value

    James Donohue



      I'm new with NSH and its associated syntax. I'm trying to write a script that determines if the Targets are IIS Servers and if so, it updates a Server property value in each Server that meets the condition. My Test script works fine if I update a simple string Property value but I cannot get it to work with an enumerated string value. It's probably a simple solution syntactically but I can't figure it out.


      I initially tried this (because this syntax works with simple strings):

      BAC_WIN_SERVER_TYPE="IIS Web Server"



      Info    Aug 27, 2015 1:28:42 AM    ERROR: Failed to set BAC_WIN_SERVER_TYPE property for mphewdsvsv01.amrs.win.ml.com: Command execution failed.  Attempting to set a illegal enumerated value for property: BAC_WIN_SERVER_TYPE in instance: Class://SystemObject/Server/mphewdsvsv01.amrs.win.ml.com



      "IIS Web Server" is one of the selections in the value list.


      I've seen other discussion related to this but I'm not sure if it fits this scenario, Any assistance is appreciated.


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