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    Copying a NSH Script Job with target properties as parameter values converts property references to strings

    Yanick Girouard

      I found a bug in, and I was wondering if it was a known defect fixed in 8.6. If you have a NSH Script Job with one or more parameter values using target property references (i.e. ??TARGET.NAME??) and you copy the job, the property reference seems to be converted to a literal string and is no longer replaced by the property value at execution.


      For example, if you have a parameter set to ??TARGET.NAME?? in a job and copy it, then execute the copy as is, it will pass a literal "??TARGET.NAME??" string to the script instead of converting it to the name of the target.


      In order to fix this, you have to edit the value of the parameter to something else, save the job, edit it again and set it back to the property reference then save again.


      I can see big problems with this for the ones that have to copy jobs from external systems such as AO for example...


      Is this a known issue?