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    How to invoke NSHScript Job with Input Parameters using SOAP API

      I have been trying to execute a nshscriptjob with the hostname as an input parameter, and so far, I haven't been succesfull. But, I was able to call a NSCHScriptJob with out any parameters succesfully. Here are the basic steps I have been following..


      First Get a session Id and AssumeRole, then use that loginsessionId, I have made the following type of request to get the job dbkey =


      **This is a java script SOAP request built, nothing fancy..


      var operation = host.getOperation("executeCommandByParamList");

      var request = operation.createSOAPRequest();



      request.setInParameter("commandName", "getDBKeyByGroupAndName");



      var response = operation.invoke(request);


      This works with out any issues and I use this inturn to call the next action "executeJobAndWait" using the dbkey and it works like a charm.


      var request = operation.createSOAPRequest();




      request.setInParameter("commandArguments[0]", NSHJobDBKey);

      var response = operation.invoke(request);

      Now, my question is - how do I provide a input argument to this nshscript if its expecting one, in my case, I would like to provide a hostname. I tried by adding that at "getDBKeyByGroupAndName" as follows =


      And subsequently with "executeJobAndWait" with proper indexing, and it returned the same error as below:

      Found command 'NSHScriptJob.executeJobAndWait' but with mismatching arguments. 

      Any help in this regarding would be really appreciated.