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    BSA AIX NIM Provisioning - Howto

    Sorin Gancea

      I have to provision AIX using NIM and I'm new to this thema.

      I would like to get some hints about BSA settings that are required for this and their meaning, in this construction.

      I'd like to understand the meaning of: SPOT Name, Lpp_source Name, Miksysb Name and Bosinst Source that are appearing into AIX Provisioning configurations. How are this options related to my NIM environment?

      Than coming to AIX System package attributes what are the minimal settings into Target Disk tab?

      What meaning have the network types (ent, tok, fddi)? How to set required values in Network Config tab?

      Do I have to change settings of Control flow tab? If yes what meaning have the changes?

      Same question about Optional bos_inst Attributes tab.

      Maybe you can refer a good documentation for this or you can share your experience.

      Thanks in advance,