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    TMART 4.2 on virtual environment

      We have a small 4.2 environment running on virtual platform(All including DB). I would like to add to a few execution servers running close to 30 monitors to this environment.

      I was checking here to see if we know a sizing estimate on the virtual TMART world.

      BMC recommends DB to be on a physical server but if we have less 75 monitors and around 10 ES distributively running those monitors, can it run everything seamlessly on virtual?

      How do we estimate capacity and sizing in virtual environment? I know ES can run a max 200 standard web monitors(I would say max 70) but what I am looking at is performance with DB and AS after adding these ES's.

      Of the new ES, I would say there are 10% Citrix apps and the rest are just standard web login, logout scripts.

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          Hal DeVore

          I've been away from TM ART details for quite a while now so don't take my advice as "gospel".


          The key factor in sizing database load for TM ART is the number of measures per hour that all your transactions generate.  So you need to take into account:

          • The number of measures in each transaction.  You can get an exact number by counting rows on the details page for your transaction.
          • The total number of transactions
          • The number of Execution Servers where the transactions run, and
          • The number of times per hour that they are scheduled.


          Those factors all multiply together.   Let's say you have 25 measures for each transaction, 75 monitors, 10 ES, running all monitors every 5 minutes (12 times per hour).  Multiply out 25*75*10*12 gives 225,000 measures per hour or 62.5 measures per second.  That means the database must take no longer than 16 milliseconds to complete one measure.  [This is all oversimplified but is good for estimation purposes]


          I don't recall the details but somewhere in the TM ART self monitoring there is (or was) a page that shows your database's current performance and an estimate of the measures per hour that your database can sustain with its current performance in storing measures.



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            I admin and develop for a TMART 4.2 sp2 installation that interfaces with BPPM via a Patrol TMART KM.

            We reduced our use of measures because of this configuration by not configuring:


            TMART configure Detail.PNG

            By not configuring Transaction Response Time and Page Timers we reduced from 250,000 measures per hour to 49,000 measures per hour, with the same Monitor instance load. We run approximately 418 tasks on our 18 ES.


            Our custom timer measurements are still providing response time and step status Patrol configuration handles all of the system detected errors like web page 500 errors et al.


            Just a though in case you are not relying on TMART Central for alerting and presentation.

            Thanks, Todd

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              Hal DeVore

              Great suggestion, Todd!  I forget the exact number but a single page timer is somewhere around 10 measures.


              It's also possible to disable individual page timers by setting the timer name to an empty string.  That's useful if you want some of the page timers.