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    Allowing Users to Delete Records

    Thomas Miskiewicz
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      Hello there,


      here https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/ars8000/Allowing+users+to+delete+entries it says:


      The Allow Delete option on the Basic tab of the Form Properties dialog box enables you to allow licensed users who are not administrators to delete entries of a form if the following requirements are met:

      • The user has access to the form.
      • The user has Change permission to the form's Request ID field.

      If the Allow Delete option is not selected, only an administrator can delete the record.

      To allow users to delete entries

      1. Open the form with which you want to work.
      2. Choose Form > Form Properties.
      3. In the Form Properties dialog box, select the Basic page.
      4. Select the Allow Delete check box.
      5. Click OK and save the form.


      I've done that (see attached screenshot), but I'm still missing the Delete button for a regular user.


      Yes, I've flushed the Mid-Tier Cache and deleted the browser cache numerous times .


      What am I missing?






      ARS 8.1.02