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    BSA dashboard problem: No information about infrastructure components

      Hi all,


      I installed dashboard 1.4.36 in our 8.3 BAS system. Login to the dashboard is ok. Report results are displayed.


      I do have problems when trying to access a infrastructure component in Home -> Application Servers.

      When I try to access the configuration of one of our application servers, I am redirected to the dashboard Home page. No information about server config settings are displayed.


      - dashboard job within BSA runs with no errors

      - configuration html reports are created by dashboard job and are transfered to tomcat webapps folder

      - access of configuration html works via


      -  access via link below send me back to Dashboard home page



      We installed apache-tomcat-7.0.63 and are using a 1.6.0_31-b04 JRE.


      Any Ideas ?