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    BSA IBM Bare metal LPAR & AIX Installation & Configurations

      Hi All,


      I know some of the following request not possible in below use case but I need expert advice.


      We have customer who wants to automate IBM Bare metal POWER Servers, which includes:


      1. POWER on Server (Customer can provide iLO so this is ok, I can trigger some command or AO workflow to power on physical server)
      2. Change boot sequence to Network boot and restart server.
      3. Install LPAR / VIOS
      4. Install AIX on LPAR


      Task 1: This is ok provided some iLO commands or API given.


      Task 2: I need some advice on 2nd Step, some people have done this in VMWare environment using some power shell, but could not find with actual physical infrastructure.


      Task 3: BMC Documentations really confusing on this, where using HMC AMO I can add existing frames and use for AIX provisioning, but how can I provision new LPAR / VIOS, Any document will really help here.

      I have followed: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/bsa86/Setting+up+an+IBM+PowerVM+environment


      Task 4: After LPAR created provision AIX OS:



      In this process Rebooting target in SMS Menu and add IPL settings is manual, Can we automate this? How?


      Please share your recommendations or experience on this.


      Thanks in advance.